In honor of little Superhero Liam, Cheyenne’s FCCLA is hosting a Superhero T-shirt day (no costumes are allowed, just t-shirts) and balloon launch, Monday, April 10th.

Liam has been in PICU since the end of February with rhinovirus and had a balloon procedure done to open his aortic valve. Early Wednesday the family learned that the valve had closed back up and the procedure did not work. The Davey’s were devastated by the news. The heart surgeon and cardiologist then discovered Liam’s left coronary artery was narrow and obstructed at the opening. Considering your left coronary artery is the main artery that brings blood to your heart this was not good news.  Liam will undergo open heart surgery to fix the obstructed coronary artery and fix the aortic valve. The surgery is scheduled for April 10th. To show support for Liam and his family, students are asked to wear their superhero shirts on Monday. If they participate with the shirt, they will be invited to the balloon launch during their electives to send best wishes and a speedy recovery to our little friend Liam.

Liam’s mother, Heather Davey, asked Liam if he was a superhero and he said “Yes!”

Then she asked, “Are you a fighter” and he screamed “Yes!”

Mrs. Davey said, “Thanks to Liam’s amazing spirit and courage I know he will rock this surgery. This 2-year-old has taught me that with faith, hope and love anything is possible. He has also taught me that a smile will brighten anyone’s day and that a positive attitude is the best way to heal a broken heart.”

FCCLA is collecting cards of encouragement for the family.  Please bring cards to Mrs. Goodbary as soon as possible.