The Cheyenne TSA group recently attended their state conference. There are 38 different STEM events for students to compete in during State. Cheyenne brought home 15 trophies!! There are over 220 TSA Chapters in Oklahoma, and Cheyenne was recognized as the Outstanding Middle School Chapter in the state of Oklahoma. The 12 students pictured below are hoping to represent Cheyenne, Edmond and the State of Oklahoma at the National TSA Conference in Orlando, Florida in June. Also, listed below are our awards.

Back row: Austin Vinall, Ellie Robertson, Isaac Newberry, Luke Griggs, Ethan Aldridge, Allie Lewis, Grace Ahlgrim
Front row:  Alex Loney, Emma Ferguson, Jake Strother, Derrick Denny, Jacob Thomas


2017 TSA State Results

1st place

  • CAD – Isaac Newberry
  • Children’s Stories – Grace Ahlgrim, Allie Lewis, Jake Strother, & Jacob Thomas
  • Community Service Video – Emma Ferguson, Allie Lewis, Alex Loney, Jake Strother, Jacob Thomas, and Austin Vinall
  • Technical Design – Alex Loney & Isaac Newberry
  • Tech Bowl – Derrick Denney, Emma Ferguson & Alex Loney
  • Website Design – Allie Lewis, Ellie Robertson & Austin Vinall

ROBOT 11018B – “The B Team” of Ethan Aldridge, Derrick Denney, Emma Ferguson, Luke Griggs & Alex Loney

  • VEX IQ Design Award (1st place)
  • VEX IQ Skills (1st place)
  • VEX IQ Presentation (1st place)
  • VEX IQ EXCELLENCE AWARD (Best overall robot)

2nd place

  • Essays – Grace Ahlgrim
  • Geospatial Technology – Alex Hurteau, Allie Lewis, Alex Loney & Jacob Thomas
  • System Control – Josh Meng & Isaac Newberry

3rd place

  • STEM Animation – Derrick Denney, Emma Ferguson & Alex Loney
  • System Control – Ethan Aldridge, Derrick Denney & Luke Griggs

5th place – STEM Animation by Alex Hurteau, Jake Strother & Jacob Thomas

5th place – Promotional Marketing by Jacob Thomas

10th place – Forensics Technology by Nicholas Castilla & Josh Meng