We are looking forward to our Annual Cheyenne Middle School Promotion Ceremony, Wednesday, May 23rd, 10:30 AM at Cheyenne Middle School in the Gym.  8th-grade students will begin school as usual on Wednesday.  They will report to their 3rd-hour class at 7:50 AM.  We will host an 8th-grade Breakfast with special recognitions and the 8th-grade video just for 8th grade students and staff.  The gym doors will open for guests at 10:00 AM.

If you plan to take your child with you after the Promotion Ceremony to celebrate we ask that you call the attendance line in advance to excuse your child.  We have a new number, 405-726-5751.  Please leave your name, student name, and date of absence (May 23 after promotion). You, parent or guardian, can only excuse and check your child out.  The call will be our record of student absences for that day and will be entered into the portal.  If you receive a call from our school saying your child was absent it is because we didn’t receive a call from a parent regarding their absences.

If your child will be absent on May 24th and/or 25th please call the attendance line,  405-726-5751. Please leave your name, student name, date of absence and reason for the absence. Students will have assessments on May 24th, so these will need to be taken early.  It is important to make these plans ahead of time with the teachers.


Michelle Grinsteiner