Mustangs Making a Mark Week

February 4 – 8th

During the week of January 28 – February 1st, students are encouraged to bring monetary donations. Students can purchase wristbands for $10 from his/her homeroom teacher.  Each student who purchases a wristband will receive a special treat each day during the Mustangs Making a Mark week.  Each class will receive one point per dollar donated and can earn extra points for each student that dresses up each day.  The homeroom who receives the most points will receive a classroom party! Our school goal is to raise $5,000!!!  ALL money raised goes to support the district-wide Common Thread charity, PIVOT.

To see the News9 Broadcast about PIVOT click here. Learn more about PIVOT here.


Mustangs Making a Mark Dress Up Day Schedule
  • Monday, Feb. 4th: Star Wars Day – Dress like your favorite Star Wars character or someone from the future! *Students with a wristband will receive a Milky Way.
  • Tuesday, Feb. 5th: Star Wars the Mustang Awakens – Wear your favorite pajamas! *Students with a wristband will receive Oreos.
  • Wednesday, Feb. 6th: Star Wars Attack of the Clones – Find your friends and dress like twins! *Students with a wristband will receive Twinkies.
  • Thursday, Feb. 7th: Travel the Star Wars Galaxy – Dress like the tackiest tourist you can! *Students with a wristband will receive a Moon Pie.
  • Friday, Feb. 8th: Star Wars Return of the Mustang – Wear your Cheyenne Mustang gear! *School-wide assembly in the afternoon.