Cheryl Byford named Cheyenne Support Employee of the Year!

Registrar, Cheryl Byford

On January 17th, Cheryl Byford was named Support Employee of the Year.  In an interview, Byford said, “I am honored to be named Cheyenne’s first Support Employee of the Year! My two grown sons attended Cheyenne Middle School many years ago, so I was a Cheyenne parent before I became a Cheyenne employee. My first and most important job was being a stay at home mom, but because I was a bit of a “helicopter” mom, any excuse to be involved in my kid’s school was good with me! I was asked to substitute and one thing led to another which is when I started my gig as Cheyenne’s first Registrar. Over the past 18 years I’ve had the opportunity to meet so many interesting and amazing families from all walks of life. I think the one thing that parents want most for their kids is to get a good education in a safe and caring environment. Families move for a variety of reasons – new job, lost job, divorce, death, better schools. Whatever reason brings them through our doors, I hope they feel welcome and excited about coming to our school! We are Cheyenne! We are Mustangs!”