Hello Cheyenne Families!

This year, in an effort to avoid creating unnecessarily large crowds, both middle and high schools have revamped the schedule release process to provide a better experience for our families. Waiting in long lines will be a thing of the past as we deliver your schedule right to your email. There will be no in-person Schedule Pick-Up Day this August; please remove the previously published date of SPUD, August 11, from your calendars.

In an effort to limit the spread of germs unnecessarily, NO superfluous supplies will be allowed this school year, including locker decorations.  Only essential locker items/supplies will be allowed. Items kept in lockers are minimal as it is, with all textbooks now being digital or in-class sets.

Bus information, bell schedules, and lunch information can be located online. Additional information about this will also be sent out when your student receives his/her schedule in August.

For now, it is important that you complete your Annual Update, if you have not done so already, visit  (https://edmondschools.infinitecampus.org/campus/portal/edmond.jsp) and submit your Tdap booster (future 7th graders only) to immunizations@edmondschools.net. These are the first two required items that must be complete before we can move forward with releasing schedules. If these items are not accomplished in a timely fashion your schedule release will be delayed. If you need assistance or have questions please call our office 405-340-2940. Our offices will be closed from June 26 until July 13.

We’re here to guide you through this process as we partner together for the safety of our students. This news brings about many questions about how the process will work. We don’t want you to worry. We’ll communicate the details as the summer progresses. Just know that we’re already planning AMAZING things for the new school year.

We are Cheyenne! We are Mustangs!