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Edmond Public Schools Teacher Honored in 20 Under 2 List
Oklahoma honors 20 outstanding novice teachers

Nick Vincent photo

EDMOND, OK– The Teaching & Leading Initiative of Oklahoma (TLI) has honored twenty of the top novice teachers in the state in the second annual 20 Under 2 list, a list of promising new Oklahoma teachers. The honorees include Edmond Public Schools teacher Nick Vincent. This list celebrates emerging teacher leaders, high performers, and novice educators who make Oklahoma’s future look bright.

Across the state, principals, veteran teachers, and district leaders submitted their top novice teachers for consideration. Each nomination from principals and colleagues was reviewed and scored by a panel of education professionals. Each honoree was selected for outstanding classroom culture, academic results, and contributions to Oklahoma’s public schools.

Nick Vincent is a 7th grade math and pre-AP algebra teacher at Cheyenne Middle School. Vincent says “Each day, my biggest wish is that I will provide a lesson that engages students who would usually not enjoy math. It is easy to engage the students who love math, but that isn’t enough for me. I want all my students to love math. I do this by providing a classroom that is full of love, laughter, humor, and learning. All of these ingredients create a new attitude towards the subject of math.” Vincent says he decided to teach because “When I was in college, I substitute taught for Edmond Schools. I loved the interactions that I had with students as I substitute taught. Furthermore, I loved the discussions we could have, the life-changing relationships that you build as a teacher. I want to change a kid’s life. “I want them to enjoy math and feel confident in their math abilities and in their lives.”

Cheyenne Middle School principal Michelle Grinsteiner praises Mr. Vincent’s growth mindset and dedication to his content. “Nick is an inspiring and energetic teacher. He is always striving to improve himself, his class and subject area by learning and participating in professional development and leadership opportunities. His knowledge of math coupled with an outstanding personality provides an extremely engaging, collaborative and challenging environment in his classroom.”

Mr. Vincent is an alternatively certified teacher in his second year in the classroom. He received a Bachelor’s degree from University of Central Oklahoma. The full honoree list includes the following:

Alyson Williams  Stillwater Public Schools
Amber Smith  Mid-Del Public Schools
Ana Barros  Tulsa Public Schools
Bailee Saye  El Reno Public Schools
Brittany Miller  Clinton Public Schools
Candace Morton  Cleveland Public Schools
Christianna Loza  Tulsa Public Schools
Eric Parker  Oklahoma City Public Schools
Faith Marie Phillips  Stilwell Public Schools
Jessi Headrick  Verdigris Public Schools
Jett Chavez  Santa Fe South Schools
Kenya Guidry-Sturm  Harding Fine Arts
Kyla Zapata  Bristow Public Schools
Lindsay Bone  Glenpool Public Schools
Melani Ford  Mid-Del Public Schools
Nick Vincent  Edmond Public Schools
Nina Rocha  Oklahoma City Public Schools
Sarah Sheldon  Positive Tomorrows
Shaniece Randle  Greenwood Leadership Academy
Tess McAnally  Bethany Public Schools

“Now more than ever we need to celebrate excellent educators. As the coronavirus changes the way we live, work, and learn, teachers are guiding students and families through these challenging times.” said TLI Executive Director Jo Lein. “It’s exciting to honor some of the bright, accomplished novice teachers in our state. Our kids need excellent novice educators to stay in the profession and we hope that they will continue to brighten the future for Oklahoma children.”

This year there are more than 4,000 emergency certifications in Oklahoma. In Oklahoma, one out of every five new teachers leaves after their first year. After five years, only about half remain in the classroom.