2022-2023 Cheyenne Teacher of the Year

The 2022-2023 school year marks Evan Chada’s 8th year of teaching science. This is his 5th year at Cheyenne and 10th year teaching in total. Chada has previously taught history and English as well. In addition to teaching science, Chada also coaches softball, wrestling and track. He graduated from Edmond Memorial in 1994, the last year all of Edmond students graduated from one school. Chada then went on to graduate from UCO with a double major in history and English. Before becoming a teacher, he had a previous career in sales and business management. Chada is a third generation teacher, and he truly believes that he was “destined to teach.” All of his previous life experiences steered him towards education. When asked his objective in teaching he stated, “My goal as a teacher is to make a positive connection with my students and to help them develop a sense of belonging, as well as equipping them with the tools necessary to succeed in our ever changing world.” He has been married to his wife Amy for 2 years, and they are expecting their first child, Ella Marie, in January.

Evan Chada, 2022 Cheyenne teacher of the year, with 3 school administrators