What is the Academic Team?

The Academic Team is an opportunity for your child to participate in a team activity and grow stronger in their interactions with peers as well as exercise their minds in a friendly competitive arena. Our emphasis is placed upon team building and bettering ourselves through the interaction with others. We believe every child has something to offer to the team and we make an effort to ensure each child gets to play at least once per meet.
Throughout the year we will compete in Jeopardy style meets around the state. Most often these meets are after school and within the Metropolitan area. Four students play at a time with frequent substitutions. Cheyenne Middle Academic Team has a terrific record, qualifying for the State Tournament the last five years and finishing in the top four at state those years.
During the year we will host one to four meets, at these meets we will require the assistance of parents to help manage the concession stand, create and manage the hospitality room and run the scoreboard. When these occasions arise we will send home more information.
We truly believe the Academic Team is a great opportunity for your students to shine! We look forward to seeing your child at our team practices.


Head Coach: Adam Delph

Assistant Coach: Penny Antkowiak