middle schoolers at event

Middle School Students and Families: 

As we gear up for our upcoming home middle school games, our priority remains creating a positive, safe, and enjoyable campus experience. We wholeheartedly invite all students and families to be a part of the excitement. However, given the vastness of these venues, ensuring supervision can sometimes be a challenge. To guarantee a fantastic athletic atmosphere, we are introducing immediate changes at all Edmond middle school games that are aimed at maintaining this environment.

 Here are the key points to note:

1. Wear ID & Lanyard: All students attending the game are now required to wear their ID and lanyard. This will help us easily identify members of our school community and enhance security.

2. Cheering Section Etiquette: We encourage enthusiastic participation in cheering for our team. To ensure safety and order, remain in the designated cheering areas. This will contribute to an organized and spirited event.

3. Elementary Students: For families attending with elementary school students, students should remain with their parent/guardian throughout the event. This measure is in place to ensure their safety and enjoyment.

While we want everyone to have a fantastic time, it’s important to adhere to a few guidelines:

All students are expected to stay within the seating area during the game, except for restroom breaks or visits to the concession stand.
•Activities such as running or playing with sports equipment in the concourse or end zone pose safety 
risks and are not allowed. Let’s keep these areas safe and accessible for everyone.
•Going forward, sports balls won’t be permitted through the ticket gates. This change aims to prevent 
disruptions and ensure a high-quality experience for all attendees.
•We request your punctuality in picking up students after events to support the smooth conclusion of our 

Our commitment to maintaining a positive atmosphere requires responsible behavior from all attendees. Any disruption, disrespectful conduct towards community members, law enforcement officers, or school staff will result in immediate removal from the event. We value the collective enjoyment of our events and will not compromise on the experience for others.

Please talk to your child about these procedures before they attend our football games this week. It is our partnership and working together that will make our events both safe and enjoyable. Thank you for your understanding and adherence to these procedures.