Bill Lester presenting to students

Mr. Bill Lester, a world traveler and missionary, presented to our 7th Grade Geography classes on Monday, February 5th.   He shared stories from his travels around Africa.  Students learned about the people, the native animal species, and the culture.  He brought an array of artifacts that the students were able to view and ask questions about.

As a missionary, Mr. Lester helped build orphanages, roads, and medical clinics, as well as, donating over 40,000 lbs of books and educational materials for students around the world. One of the most inspiring things Mr. Lester has done is to help pay for over 200 students to attend school in multiple countries in Africa. These students would not have normally been educated without the help from the sponsors. To this day, Mr. Lester is considered a "father" to many children around the world. Thank you Mr. Bill Lester for speaking and educating our students at Cheyenne Middles School, you are truly an inspiration. 

Bill Lester presenting to 7th grade students

David Wheeler and Bill Lester